A demonic horde of evil C©Ts is paving its way to the global cat domination...

Created by an aspiring cat lover, artist and web3 developer Spiridono as an artistic exploration of possibilities that Ethereum blockchain and web3 can offer.

Phase 1 - ORIGINS collection

100 hand-drawn C©Ts released one by one, each a 1/1 unique NFT.

RARITY: 95 common, 5 Conjurers

1) breeding
2) access to future collections and airdrops

3) owners only rewards

This phase is complete and the Origins C©Ts can only be purchased on OpenSea secondary market.

Phase 2 - BREEDING

Own two OG C©Ts and a PURR LOVE Potion?

Request to breed them and get a 1/1 hand drawn HorROAR for free!

- must have both C©Ts and a potion in the same wallet to claim the HorROAR

- each C©T can only breed once

- Conjurers don’t breed but get a companion instead

- C©Ts #1-100 from the OG collection participate in the breeding program

Breeding is now active, all HorROARs are expected to spawn by end of 2021 as part of OpenSea Origins Collection and will gain more utlity when breeding pahse is complete.

Phase 3 - PURR EVIL

Each of the 1,135 C©Ts is programmatically, randomly generated from hundreds of thousands of possible combinations of over 160 different attributes including body types, colors, clothing, headgear, eyes, mouths, and accessories.

Each C©T part has an evilness score that contributes to the C©T's overall evilness rank that affects the background color.


Apart from the evilness score, each part has its own rarity.
While evilness most of the times correlates with the rarity, it is not always the case.
Even if you get a mildly evil C©T, it can still be pretty rare!


1) 20% of primary sales proceeds and 100 % of secondary sales royalties go to the community wallet and circulated back to the community in a way of giveaways, charity, liquidity pool etc. governed by PURR EVIL DAO

2) Phase 3 C©Ts owners have access to owners only giveaways and events, as well as future airdrops.

This phase is complete and the Origins C©Ts can only be purchased on
OpenSea secondary market.

Phase 4 - PURR EVIL PIXEL on-chain

This time evil cats born and live fully on chain, generated only by code at the time of minting.
No IPFS, no APIs, only Ethereum blockchain.

Every Phase 3 cat will be a free mint pass for a Phase 4 cat.

Stay tuned!

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What’s an NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token”, a unique, one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade.

The easiest way to dive in is to get a Metamask, a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase and mint NFTs.

Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xABCD….1234), this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here: https://metamask.io/

Are C©TS a good investment?

That is ultimately a decision for you to make.

C©Ts were created as art pieces intended for people to enjoy collecting, not as a financial instrument. PURR EVIL makes absolutely no promises or guarantees regarding the value of C©Ts aside from the one that we will strive to do the best for the project and the community.

What can I do with my C©T?

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the owner, so you are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license as long as you own the C©T.

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a C©T?

Your PURR EVIL C©T NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the C©T. You can then view it on Opensea or any other website / wallet that supports viewing NFTs


Created the whole project including art, smart contract, minter DApp, image generator, website and even the font as a proof of insanity.

An avid crypto enthusiast since 2012, a dad, an accountant by day job and an independent artist learning to code by night.

External strategic and marketing advisor.

A renowed NFT Collector and Consultant building the future. Ape to the bone.

Verified smart contract